2010 Reunion Photos

Nancy Shields Minnick and Nancy Gohl Rippen

Thanks, Larry!              

     Thirty one esteemed members of the McCook High Class of '71 gathered in Larry Bass's "man cave" on Saturday, July 3 for good food,  warm memories, and lots of laughs. 

Hope to see everyone and more at the 2011 Reunion on September 22,23,24              



Kathy Abbey Wallen, Don Owens, Dixie Kiel Martin, Wayne Rouse


Susie Gillen Townsley and Cindy Crocker Wilcox


Kent Confer and Bryant Brooks


Becky Boyer Ravtenberg and Kim Campbell Riley


Pam Thielbar Messinger and Joanne Allen Hatch


Steve Underwood and Dixie Kiel Martin


Dave and Kim Campbell Riley

Kim wanted a new photo and now she has one!


Dixie Kiel Martin and Kathy Abbey Wallen

aka The Masked Banditos